For 40 years, Sharon has treated all who enter our doors with dignity, respect, and care.

For 40 years, Sharon has treated all who enter our doors with dignity, respect, and care.

In 1977, Sharon started volunteering at Memorial Episcopal Church’s food cupboard, under the direction of The Rev. Barney Farnham. Today, we are The Samaritan Community. With Sharon at the helm as Program Director, we currently serve approximately 1,100 people annually through our food pantry, clothing shop, individual counseling, group support, emergency financial assistance, and more.

While Samaritan has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, we are still very much a small non-profit. Ms. Krieger is the only full-time employee. There are five part-time staff members and a team of about 45 volunteers. With an annual budget of about $300,000, funding comes from individuals, private foundations, businesses, faith-based organizations, and fundraising events. Even with a small team and small budget, a lot gets done. In fact, the people here have a saying – “we’re a small organization with a big impact.”

Sharon has been able to accomplish all that she has over the past 40 years because of her love of people, and also through tremendous hard work. She works with clients from the early morning well into the dark of night. 

“She is a warrior in the local battle against loneliness, uncertainty, and despair,” says Paul Silvestri,
Board President
at The Samaritan Community. “There is no ‘off’ time for Sharon. She is always working to help our members.”

In light of it all, the primary focus for Ms. Krieger has always been on the individual, the member, the human being who needs a little help. As she says - “each member becomes the program.” She takes the time to build true relationships with members and learn their unique circumstances and personal stories.

“I am deeply grateful for Sharon’s love and support. She had faith in me even when I didn’t. She got me back on my feet and I am so thankful,” says a Samaritan member. “She is totally devoted…I love the way she keeps us together.”

As for Sharon? She just wants one thing, “I want people to know they are loved.”