Welcome to The Samaritan Community

The Samaritan Community provides assistance to meet the needs of families and individuals who are in crisis and wish to improve their lives.  Our program is rooted in respect, hope, and healing.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to helping those we serve take control of their lives. Most prominently, this help comes through

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counseling, emergency food, provisions, and financial assistance.                       

We provide advocacy and referral assistance to help people access government services. We receive referrals from these same services when those in need are ineligible for government aid.

Our eligibility criteria are nothing more than the vital needs of the families and individuals who come here.

The operative word in our mission is "community." Ultimately, we assist those in need by building connections and facilitating relationships among diverse families, individuals, and

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We welcome volunteers and contributions from all sources, to meet the increasing number of requests for our services.

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The Samaritan Community
1407 Bolton St.
Baltimore, MD 21217

If you wish to ask about getting assistance from The Samaritan Community, contact us by phone --
not e-mail.  Call 410-669-1229.

For more information, call 410-669-1229, or e-mail

1407 Bolton Street     Baltimore, MD   21217     (410) 669-1229