A Letter from Our President of the Board, Paul Silvestri

    Paul Silvestri, Board President of  Samaritan Community,       stands in our food pantry - made possible by the generous support                                        of friends like you. 

    Paul Silvestri, Board President of  Samaritan Community,       stands in our food pantry - made possible by the generous support                                        of friends like you. 

Dear Friend,

In this year of Baltimore's unrest, The Samaritan Community stood steadfast in its commitment to supporting our community, one family at a time. The day after the most significant evening of protest, Samaritan opened its doors, holding its weekly Breakfast Club as usual. As a participant reported, “The level of gratitude and hope in the room was striking. Everyone was overjoyed to be with friends they loved and trusted, all were hopeful that the healing would begin with us.”  

And that is what makes Samaritan unique. It is not just the 1,100 lives we touch annually, or the 7,000 bags of healthy groceries we distribute to those who are hungry, or even the thousands of dollars of financial assistance that we distribute to families who need help to cope with crises related to housing, utilities, employment or health. What truly distinguishes Samaritan is the respect, hope and healing we offer every day. 

Dee's story is Samaritan’s story:

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage Three breast cancer. While enduring five months of chemotherapy and radiation, I lost my job and then my apartment. With two young children, I needed help.  When I found The Samaritan Community, I was overwhelmed by the love and assistance I received - not only food and clothing, but also the encouragement and support I so badly needed. When I recovered from treatment, I returned to work as a geriatric nurse and was living happily with my two children and fiancée when he suddenly died from a heart attack. Samaritan Community was there again for me and my family during this trauma. They just wouldn’t let me give up. They loved me and stood by me no matter what!

If you would like to stand with Dee and all of us in supporting Baltimore, one family at a time, please open your hearts to your neighbors in need. 
•    A gift of $1,200 will pay three months of tuition, enabling a young man to finish his schooling and obtain a better job.
•    A gift of $500 will prevent two families from having their gas and electricity shut off.
•    A gift of $340 will enable 5 individuals to travel to new jobs for one month.

As I look back with gratitude for the support we have received from all of you and with pride in our staff, volunteers and members, I am awed by our achievements and hopeful for the future.  Your gift enables that hope to be realized.  

Paul Silvestri, Board President

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