farnham-krieger endowment fund
a force for lasting change

When The Rev. F. Lyman (Barney) Farnham asked his parishioner, Sharon Krieger, to establish and run a counseling program for people who accessed the food pantry at Memorial Episcopal Church in Bolton Hill, he founded an outreach program that has grown to become Samaritan Community. Today, we are a full-service crisis intervention and counseling program, led by Sharon as Program Director

expanding our reach to create lasting change

To honor both the memory of Rev. Farnham and Sharon's 30+ years of inspired service, we established the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund in 2013. It is designed to address the rising cost of and number of requests of emergency assistance we receive on a daily basis. 

reaching our goal 

Currently, our crisis intervention assistance stipend averages less than $200. With the Fund close to reaching its $150,000 goal, we will soon be able to use its proceeds to help families and individuals overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving their full potential. When the Fund is fully funded, we will be able to take on larger client needs that might be resolved with greater investment:

  • A new father will be able to stay employed with a $900 investment to repair his car.
  • A family's stability is maintained with $1,800 for three months' rent, during a medical crisis.
  • A single mother becomes more self-sufficient when $1,200 is used for training as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

your support matters

With your generous support, proceeds from the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund will enable us to make wise investments in emergency assistance, and will help deter the cascade of unmet challenges often seen when immediate crises are not addressed. 

donate to the farnham-krieger endowment fund

If you are able to make a donation to the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund, you may do so in two ways. 

donate online

You can make a donation to the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund anytime, through PayPal. It's fast, easy, secure.


donate by mail

You may also make a donation by mail. Simply send your gift, made payable to "Samaritan Community" with
"Farnham-Krieger Fund" in the Memo section, to us at:

The Samaritan Community
Attn: Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund
1407 Bolton Street
Baltimore, MD 21217

for more information 

If you would like more information on the Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund, or on Samaritan Community, please call
Ilene Briskin, Development Director, at 443-438-9286 or ibriskin@samaritancommunity.org.

visit us!

You are welcome to visit us at Samaritan Community, and see firsthand, who we are and what we do. To schedule a visit, please call Ilene Briskin, Development Director at 443-438-9286 or complete a "Schedule a Visit" form.