"You gave me a bag of food, and helped me with my rent payment and bus fare to job interviews, as well as assisting me in my job search.  

And, most of all, you gave me the love, respect, and hope I needed to succeed!"
        - Member

Each year, we proudly serve approximately 1,100 individuals and families living in Baltimore City. We believe that "the client is the program". Each person's specific needs determine the services we provide. Our eligibility criteria are nothing more than the vital needs of those who come to Samaritan Community. 

Those who initially come to us are first interviewed by our Program Director. Their needs are carefully assessed and a personalized plan is created to establish appropriate support and services for the individual and his/her family. 

We work to provide assistance that members cannot easily access elsewhere. But, we also work within a network of established social service programs. We help clients learn about their choices and teach them how to obtain additional services for themselves. 

Food Pantry

Many clients initially come to Samaritan Community through our food pantry. We distribute groceries in three-day supplies, or for longer, if necessary. We strive to provide as much fresh and healthy food as possible. We purchase items from The Maryland Food Bank, but also receive generous donations from Giant Supermarkets and Whole Foods Market. 

In 2016, through our partnership with Whole Foods Market, we provided more than $150,000 in fresh and healthy food.

Our pantry is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the last two Saturdays of each month. An appointment is required. To make an appointment, please call

Clothing & Household Goods "Shop"

Members also have access to our clothes and household goods "Shop". We provide gently-used household items and clothing (for men, women, children, and infants). Learn more about donating to our "Shop".

Our "Shop" is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. An appointment is required. 
To make an appointment, please call 410-669-1229.

Individual Counseling

"The brilliance - the magic, is in creating community...ending isolation is where the healing starts.

that is what makes a small, shoe-string organization so powerful and effective.

it's the community that heals. I see it every day. "
            - member  

Samaritan Community offers community and hope for those struggling with short-term and long-term problems. Each person's story is unique and compelling. We listen wholeheartedly, without judgment. Our individual counseling services typically concentrate in three areas.

Crisis Intervention:

Immediate needs are first addressed, such as homelessness or unemployment. Then, we help identify the root causes of those problems and address the circumstances that create moments of crisis. 

Long-Term Support:

Those seeking continued exploration of enduring issues can meet with a life-skills counselor, two days a week. 

Employment Support:

We advise individuals who are seeking employment and provide counseling and referrals to job readiness and training programs. We also provide guidance with resume writing and job searches. Once a member secures a job, we provide necessary follow-up and support. 

Group Support

Being part of a community often helps our members overcome life's obstacles. Therefore, we offer several support groups. 

"Breakfast Club":

Men and women looking for a supportive community are invited to join. The group meets every Tuesday to share breakfast, and participate in lively discussion about personal issues or those facing society as a whole. Members are encouraged to grow in self-discovery, improve personal relationships, and deepen their role in their community at large. 

"Women Together":

This women-only group meets twice monthly to find meaning, purpose, serenity, and companionship in their lives. Along with heartfelt sharing, participants gain confidence, determine their own needs, and participate in interesting activities outside of their neighborhoods. 

enrichment programs

"Communication Club":

Led by Samaritan Community volunteers, members of the "Communication Club" share and use their own stories connect to stories in books, fiction and non-fiction, and poetry. The Club is an avenue for members to learn about themselves, and value themselves as they discover the wider world. 

"Lunch Bunch":

"samaritan community is a family. we all sit down and share our weaknesses, what makes us sad, what makes us glad, and i feel really privileged..."
            - member

In our new "Lunch Bunch" program, participants change their relationships with food and build new bonds with one another. Led by a Samaritan Community volunteer, members of the group learn about healthy cooking by reading food labels, discuss how to make a meal from just a few ingredients, as well as discovering substitutes for salt, sugar, and fat. 
Together, members create a menu, prepare the meal, eat together, and clean up.

Financial assistance

Our mission to provide crisis intervention includes financial assistance. Small stipends to individuals and families often prevent challenges from becoming major crises. Our staff members carefully evaluate circumstances and provide limited financial assistance related to emergencies involving (but not limited to) housing, medical bills, utilities, transportation, legal issues, and employment. 

In 2017, we began providing more significant financial assistance through our Farnham-Krieger Endowment Fund



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