"our message to those who enter our doors is that
who you are, and what you have to give, is enough."
    - sharon, program director

The Board of Samaritan Community is comprised of a
14-member group, with an additional one serving in an advisory capacity, of diverse individuals who are leaders in areas of law, finance, accounting, business, education, and global health.

Our Board members are volunteers who provide strategic leadership of Samaritan Community, serve on specific committees within the organization, and are involved in Samaritan Community services and events throughout the year.


Myshala E. Middleton, Esq. 

Ms. Middleton serves as our Board President, leading the organization today while preparing it for tomorrow. An attorney for the Office of the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud Unit, Ms. Middleton has been on The Samaritan Community Board since 2013. 

"I enjoy working with organizations that are rooted in service.  The Samaritan Community is an organization that serves people who need help at a critical moment to allow them to reach their goals and higher heights."

Marjorie Forster

Ms. Forster serves under Mr. Silvestri as our Board Vice-President and a member of the Board. Until her recent retirement, her entire career was dedicated to research administration, technology transfer, and global and international health initiatives in institutions of higher education. Also a volunteer member of the Daughters of the British Empire as Regent, Ms. Forster also works to expand Samaritan's work.

"Through our individual and collective capabilities, we will continue to grow and expand our community support. Everybody here is an important piece of the larger Samaritan puzzle."

Jeffrey Quinn, CPA/ABV

With a focus on business valuations and accounting and specializing in the construction and real estate industries, Mr. Quinn brings this experience with him as our Board Treasurer.  As a certified public accountant (CPA), he enjoys leveraging his professional skills as a volunteer. In addition to serving on our Board, Mr. Quinn also volunteers with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at McDaniel College, helping college students prepare tax returns for moderate to low-income families and individuals. 

"It's exciting to apply my accounting knowledge in ways that will positively impact others."

Savonne Ferguson, Esq.

Savonne, an attorney with T. Rowe Price, has over fifteen years of experience in the investment industry. In addition to her Board service at Samaritan, she is involved with many other organizations in the area. She is a Board Member for the Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Services (MVLS), member of The Harbor City Chapter of The Links Incorporated, and is also a part of the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program. In 2011, she was named by the National Bar Association and IMPACT as one of their 2011 "Nation's Best Advocates: 40 Lawyers Under 40."

"I was drawn to the organization's sense of community and the holistic approach taken to assist those in crisis."


Pamela Fleming
Elizabeth Goldsby
Joyce Hoebing
Steve Howard
Amy Krulak
Edwin Lewis
Alice Peake
Paul Silvestri
Terra Sims
Eric Somerville

The Rev. Grey Maggiano

Alma Bell

Father Marty Demek

Joyce Ramelmeier


The six-person staff of Samaritan Community offers members comprehensive programs and services on a daily basis. Our small team has a wide-range of expertise in the areas of counseling, case management, social services, volunteer management, fundraising, administration, accounting, and communications.

Sharon KriegerProgram Director

Sharon started at Samaritan Community more than 30 years ago, when she was asked to run a counseling program for people who accessed the food pantry in the basement of Memorial Episcopal Church. Under her leadership, Samaritan Community has grown to become what it is today - a full-service crisis intervention and counseling program. Sharon oversees every aspect of programming at Samaritan Community. Her dedication to the organization and the people we serve is unparalleled. 

"Our message to those who enter our doors is that who you are, and what you have to give is enough. My hope is that Samaritan will always be able to say in word and in action; all are welcome, you are valued, don't give up, people really do care, and we can help." 

Linda Boyd, Co-Program Director

As Co-Program Director, Linda works closely with both members and programming staff. She facilitates counseling, crisis intervention, and case management services for those who come to us. Linda also works closely with our team of volunteers.

"Members are well-served in a dignified, respectful manner. The feeling is more like a team effort of all those involved, rather than one group of people being served by another."

Bill Johnston, Counselor

Bill provides individual counseling to members of Samaritan Community who are facing difficult short-term and long-term life challenges. He first started his career as a civil engineer, but then left to attend seminary and graduate school. Bill completed his doctorate in historical theology and analytical psychology from Vanderbilt University. Prior to coming to Samaritan Community, he served as a hospital chaplain, pastoral psychotherapist, and clinical supervisor. 

"I most enjoy the one-on-one contact with people who, despite their intelligence, education, and character, have fallen on hard times. I receive so much more from all of them than I ever expected in return for the little I give." 

Peter Dunn, Director of Community Relations

As Director of Community Relations, Peter is responsible for informing the greater Baltimore community about the work of Samaritan Community, and thus creating a greater network of support. 

"My favorite part of working at Samaritan Community is getting to see our members transform their lives and become the people they had hoped to be.

Emily ReichartDonor Relations Manager

In her role, Emily works on grant writing, fundraising activities, and communication initiatives.

"I can't say enough about how proud I am to be a part of Samaritan Community. When people know that others care about them, value them, and genuinely want to help them succeed - that's when amazing things happen." 

Nirina Randrianarivelo, Administrative Assistant