meet bobbi:
volunteer who runs our pantry with precision

Bobbi is a long-time, committed Samaritan volunteer. 

Bobbi is a long-time, committed Samaritan volunteer. 

Helping people combat hunger and homelessness is something Bobbi has done for most of her adult life. So, when she moved to Bolton Hill in 2002, it was no surprise she wanted to quickly find a place where she could volunteer. That’s when a neighbor told her about Samaritan Community.

Bobbi is now one of our most committed volunteers. She oversees the food pantry one day a week – organizing food donations, creating bags of food for members based on their needs and circumstances, and distributing those bags in an efficient and streamlined way.

“As most folks will tell you, I run a pretty tight ship when I’m in the pantry,” says Bobbi.

And we’re glad she does. In 2016 alone, there were about 1,185 visits to our pantry and we distributed approximately 7,000 bags of groceries.

“Our food pantry is our most-utilized service. So, we’re busy! Our pantry volunteers need to be highly-organized and detail-oriented,” says Sharon Krieger, Program Director. “But, they also need to be empathetic and kind, and they should enjoy the work and the people. Lucky for us, Bobbi encompasses all of these qualities.”

In fact, one of Bobbi’s favorite aspects of her job is connecting with our members, while making sure the day’s “to-do” list gets done.

“The best thing about volunteering at Samaritan is meeting people from all different backgrounds, sharing stories, and seeing how much we all really have in common,” says Bobbi. “The entire organization treats all members with respect and dignity, with a little humor thrown in.” 

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